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Transactional Services

Leverage opportunities and avoid threats during acquisitions and divestitures.


Go beyond the Phase I Site Assessment. It only provides limited liability protection from the federal Superfund program for certain buyers. There are numerous other liability pitfalls. Failure to comply with the range of other laws and regulations can quickly extinguish any regulatory agency or community goodwill. Plus, you may divert significant resources to play regulatory catch-up.


We support the value-creation of strategic buyers and sellers. Whether this a single, large transaction or smaller, dispersed assets.

For buyers

Our unique process identifies and prioritizes compliance and management system downside threats and upside opportunities. These are efficiently addressed in post-acquisition integration. An economic model is often developed for material issues to mitigate threats and capture opportunities.

For sellers

We can help optimize your company or assets for divestiture. This can maximum your sale price and eliminate thorny indemnifications. You can make a “clean break” and cutoff long-term liabilities.


We can provide:


  • Responsive teams for schedule-driven transactions


  • Balanced presentation of likely threats and obtainable opportunities


  • Monetization and economic modelling of threats and opportunities

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