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oil tanks

Former refinery to confined disposal facility

Extensive and costly soil and groundwater remediation was avoided. The client’s liability at the site was eliminated. Dredging and placing sediment in the CDF will allow navigation along the ship canal for at least the next 30 years.

Cargo Ship at the Port

baseline assessment at marine oil terminal

The terminal received timely agency approval and was allowed to expand and install the SPM to meet the rising market demand.

Shopping Mall Escalators

former metal fabricator to brownfield redevelpopment

The site was initially redeveloped into new factory buildings and warehouses.  This prime real estate was subsequently transformed in a very successful retail shopping center.     

Image by Matt McCloskey

coal dock to resort & conference center

The City and a private developer then spent $40 to 50MM redeveloping the site into a resort and conference center. The project was selected from across the U.S. as one of 11 winners of the prestigious Phoenix Award, as an outstanding brownfield redevelopment project.   

Image by Roberto Jr Saldana

former steel works to brownfield redevelopment

After remediation, a local company received $45 million in city recovery zone bonds plus county tax incentive to construct a 131 acre asphalt processing and shipment facility.This new facility received Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.

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