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risk assessment

Determining "how clean is clean enough" is critical to protecting human health and the environment.


Some risk assessments use a long series of highly conservative and unrealistic assumptions. This can overestimate risks and misallocate cleanup resources. For small, simple sites this approach might make sense. But at other sites, we use reasonable land use scenarios, realistic exposure point concentrations, and exposure factors.


We can compare risk-based screening levels to the average concentration of contaminants across a realistic exposure unit. We use current exposure factors tailored to a reasonable site reuse scenario.

We can recalculate risk in real-time as contaminated soil or sediment is excavated. This iterative method prevents the costly over excavation of lower risk material.


At some sites, ecological receptors are a concern. We have successfully completed ecological risk assessments and natural resource damage assessments across a range of ecosystems.


We can provide:


  • Deterministic (single point-estimate) or probabilistic (Monte Carlo) risk calculations

  • Consultations with senior toxicologists

  • Risk communication support

  • Food-chain modeling

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