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site investigation

start with the end in mind.


Site investigations can be very expensive and time consuming. We engage stakeholders before starting field work. This often includes the project sponsor, field and laboratory staff, risk assessor, remediation engineer, local community, and regulators. This collaboration gives everybody a clear project roadmap. It provides early answers for what data is needed and how it will be used.


For existing projects, we mine the data to gain new insights. Can the scope of future work be reduced; less or no remediation required?

One of our successful techniques is to make the site smaller.  Can we quickly reduce the chemicals of concern and media sampled? Can we eliminate incomplete exposure pathways?  We focus our resources on what is important.    

Using forensics analyses, we can minimize your chances of taking responsibility for someone else’s problems.

We can provide:


  • Soil, groundwater, surface water, sediment, tissue, vapor, and building materials sampling and testing

  • Grab, composite and incremental sampling  

  • In situ hydraulic testing

  • Strong working relationships with numerous testing laboratories

  • Streamlined data management, review/validation and presentation

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