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Recap of recent Vatten presentations

Practical Use of Drones for Diverse Infrastructure Projects

In April 2020 the American Society for Civil Engineers (ASCE) sponsored a professional development course on using drones at infrastructure projects. 

Stephen B. Ellingson, Ph.D. presented an overview of federal, state and local regulations and potential liability concerns.  He provided real-world examples of drone capabilities and applications at infrastructure projects.  Finally, Dr. Ellingson explained how to ensure the economic success of your drone program.         

For more information on the use of drones, please contact us.

Proposed Copper and Nickel Mining in Minnesota

In April 2020, Stephen B. Ellingson, Ph.D. was invited to give at “virtual” guest lecture to geology and environmental studies students at Gustavus Adolphus College. 

Minnesota is considering the approval of at least two copper and nickel mines in the northeastern portion of the state.  Dr. Ellingson provided an overview of the geology in northeastern Minnesota.  He described some of the key environmental concerns with copper and nickel mining.  Finally, he reviewed the potential economic ramifications of increased mining activity in the area.   

For more information on Proposed Copper and Nickel Mining in Minnesota, please contact us.

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